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Hi Uzma I have lost two stones on this programme so far.  Just wanted to say thank you and for all your advice.

C. Arif  (Woking UK) 30 Days Back to Health Programme

Uzma has an amazing breadth of knowledge regarding health, and a really friendly way of explaining the details, which makes for an enjoyable learning experience. After our discussion I was motivated to improve my lifestyle. not only to lose weight and gain fitness, but to also change habits for better health. Uzma, clearly explained the “RESET” programme, all the dietary requirements were delivered direct to me and there was telephone support throughout the programme. Delivery was completed in a friendly but professional manner. Not only did I achieve considerable weight loss, but eating habits improved and i have easily maintained a more balanced diet. I am pleased to recommend Uzma and the Wellness programme.

Richard Nowicki (Ashford Surrey)

At age 36, I finally cracked the code and won my battle over obesity. At 5ft 10 inches I weighed in at 243 lbs, and a staggering 33% body fat. I was unhealthy to say the least. All crash diets and half attempts to the gym would shed the upper layer of 15 to 20 lbs, but that was the easy part.

As always after a while the diet becomes unsustainable, weakness falls, a week or two out of the gym and you end up giving in to the cravings, and back to square one, the weight soon returns with a deeper urge for sugary and fatty foods.

Like a never ending cycle of hopelessness and not knowing if I would ever lose this excess baggage I gave up and became very complacent.   Until a year ago when I finally decided enough is enough.  Then later I was introduced to a weight loss program, which was so different to the diets I had tried before.

I managed to lose 80 pounds just by following the program and the advice given to me by Uzma, it was not like rules to follow, instead in the form of education that helped me understand what was going on within my body and how I could best support my health goals. The information and support I received has raised my awareness to such a level that I am now empowered to improve not only my relationship with food but also my lifestyle.  The best thing about the program was that I never had to starve.

Cravings were the biggest hurdle that I overcame in this whole process. I no longer crave processed or sugar foods as a result. So much information in such an interesting manner has got me on the path to completely lose my access body fat.

I weigh in at 163 lbs now and body fat less than 15 %. (Lost 80 lbs in weight). I now enjoy going to the gym and my energy levels are great. It’s all next level game for me and I owe it to Uzma for the finer details. Chiseled body is on the way.

Thank you Uzma!!

Usman (London. UK) 1-2-1 Coaching


I’m delighted with the package I received from yourself. I’ve gone from 15st 2lbs 8oz on 30/4 to 13st 6lbs on 11/6, stomach measurement from 40.5″ to 34.5″.  XL t-shirts have been replaced with L t-shirts, cost me a few hundred in new jeans throwing out 36″ waist, now down to 33″ waist.  My suits look ridiculous on me, I look like a hotel porter! Need to get some in the next couple of weeks but been holding out for target weight. Running 3/4 times per week,  round virginia water lake and got under 35minutes round there for the first time since 2002!

Been getting lots of compliments too, feeling great, passed your details on to a friend and have recommended it to anyone who’s shown a partial interest.  So quite frankly this whole process has been amazing for me. To lose over 1st 10lbs in 6 weeks when I wasn’t exactly obese is awesome!! Aside from family you are quite frankly the most important person I’ve met in years and years.  Thank you for everything.

Jamie Shannon (Light Water. UK) 30 Day Back to Health Programme

I’m delighted to let you know that I lost 13 pounds on this programme.  I was pleasantly surprised by how filling and how tasty the shakes and bars are (especially the bars).  I felt very focused and not hungry at all.  Because I felt good, I didn’t crave unhealthy foods, which would have made me go backwards and so the programme made me more aware of what is good for me.  I started to drink more water and exercised 5 times a week before going to work each morning.  I found it easy to stick to, and so encouraged by the weight loss that I don’t hesitate to have a meal replacement now on occasions when I feel I need to check myself.

Jane Bailey (Hampshire. UK) 30 Day Back to Health Programme

After trying various diets for years, I found that initially most of them produced results as the weight came off. The problem was that it was impossible to maintain the diet for too long, because I was always hungry and my mind preoccupied with thoughts and cravings for food, I felt I was denying myself all the time.

Once off the diet, the weight came back on with a vengeance.

I tried the RESET programme because I realised it’s not a diet but a way of giving your body what it needs and eliminating the cravings for unhealthy foods. It is more an education of what to eat, without the fear of putting the weight back on after the diet! The weight loss was steady and the best thing was that it was convenient and very easy to follow. This was important to me as I lead a very busy life, and I didn’t have to skip meals or go hungry.

I was able to lose nearly 6 lbs, and I felt lighter, but more energetic whilst I was on the programme”.

Mala Shah (Hertfordshire – LONDON) 5 Day RESET

Uzma has a vast, impressive knowledge of nutrition and has a great business. She is generous in her willingness to share her expertise and would highly recommend connecting with her. I will be recommending Uzma to my contacts. She is also a wonderfully inspirational, kind and genuine lady.

I am always amazed at how much in-depth knowledge you have.

Annabel Meade – Trade Forex From Home. (Kingston UK)

We had an interesting presentation by Uzma about healthy diet and nutrition.

My first career was in medicine. I would like to confirm that Uzma really knows the subject she works with.

Andrey Beskrovnyy – The Management Consultant (Guildford UK)

Uzma is a kind, helpful, ethical, bright character. She radiates energy and a genuine concern for helping others. I am already  referring my clients to her and very happy to be connected with Uzma. Visit Uzma for a free health assessment and you will benefit greatly – She will empower you!

Cheryl Cooke – Ferapi Massage Therapy.

1 comment

  1. Sara

    I have been studying yoga with Uzma for over 2 years.
    No class is ever repetitive. She always tries to introduce something new, which makes the class much more enjoyable, introducing other styles. She tries to cater for everyone and always asks what we would like to do. We are lucky to have a small group where everyone is treated as if in a private class. She shows genuine concern and interest for our general welfare
    I look forward to my regular class

    Sara Allison

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