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The Weighting Game

In my profession I come across so many people who are unhappy about the way they look and frustrated about the way they feel.  Whether this is at a conscious or a subconscious level, it can deeply influence their moods and their self-talk, which over time affects their self-esteem bringing their quality of life down. …

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Demystify Your Health

When I”m chatting to people who I can see are trying really hard to improve their health, I hear them earnestly telling me all of the things they are doing that don”t seem to be working.  All I ask them to consider is where their information is coming from.  Health is sadly not taught at …

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What’s Wrong With Coffee?


The other day I heard somebody say to me “What’s wrong with Coffee”?  And my reply was “there is nothing wrong with coffee if you enjoy it, have a cup of organic coffee and really relish it”.  But the reality for the majority of people is that they reach for coffee as a habit, something …

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What else leads to Osteoporosis?

Growing up in Pakistan, I never saw elderly people hunched over, so when I came to live in the United Kingdom and saw this for the first time, I learnt that the condition is caused by lack of calcium in the diet, which leads to Osteoporosis.  Even though in the west there is much greater …

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5 Major Health Mistakes People Make: #4 Removing whole food groups


Last time I talked about mistake # 3 ‘Avoiding Exercise’ when people are trying to lose weight. This week I want to talk about mistake # 4 ‘Removing Whole Food Groups From Your Diet’. In the 90s, we removed fats from our diets and loaded up on high-glycemic carbs instead. Then in the 2000s, so …

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MISTAKE No. 3: Avoiding Exercise


5 Major Health Mistakes People Make Last time I talked about mistake # 2 ‘Skipping Meals’ when people are trying to lose weight. This week I want to talk about mistake # 3 ‘Avoiding Exercise’ MISTAKE No. 3: Avoiding Exercise. Remember playing as a child? For most of us it was our favourite past time. …

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